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The last mystery of Spengler Cup
The most prestigious European trophy returns to Spartak.

Spartak Moscow made debut at Spengler Cup in 1978. At the tournament in Suisse Davos Red-Whites finished only at the third place. Later in 1980, 1981, 1985, 1989, 1990 Spartak returned from Switzerland with a win and after last success organizers gave Spartak this title for perpetual storage.

Times passes and nobody could answer the question “Where is the trophy?” We did not have our stadium even a sport base where to collect all trophies. At one point, everybody forgot about this trophy. Just disappeared. The answer was easy.

In later 70s, Moscow motor giant Avtokombinat #1 was like a general sponsor for Spartak team. Their director Gennady Krause was interested in the team, visited games, and chatted with our legends Vyacheslav Starshinov, Mayorov brothers, Alexander Yakushev. Officially, he was the president of hockey club from 1993 till 1999. That time the most prestigious trophies went to the museum of Avtokombinat #1, other ones stayed in Sokolniki.

After his death in 2002, so many managers changed at their company and our club too. We just called them and asked “Do you have something related to us?” Their answered just “Come on, we could try”. In the small room, at the top shelf in age-long dust we found our Spengler Cup. The trophy changed since 1992 several times, now he consisted of small sticks connected with a big puck.

Among all Soviet and Russian clubs organizers of Spengler Cup granted only Spartak with that trophy for perpetual storage. In new seasons our fans will have a chance to look at this trophy at our home games. See you soon!